Women, Gender, and Sexuality Program

Charles A. Dana Professor of History Hedrick, Director; William R. Kenan, Jr. Professor in American Institutions and Values Corber

The program in women, gender, and sexuality takes gender and sexuality as its critical terms of inquiry, exploring them as social constructs and analyzing their impact on the traditional disciplines. The program draws on the liberal arts and sciences to examine a wide range of topics relating to gender and sexuality, including women’s varied experiences in different historical periods and cultures, as well as their contributions to culture in all its forms; the relationship among sex, gender, and sexuality; lesbian, gay, and transgender subcultures, and their histories and politics; and the institutional and discursive regulation of gender and sexuality. Recognizing that gender and sexuality cut across most fields of knowledge and that race, class, and nation are crucial components of gender and sexual identities, the program has both an interdisciplinary and cross-cultural focus.

Core faculty

Curricular options—Students may either major or minor in women, gender, and sexuality. The requirements for both are listed below.

The major in women, gender, and sexuality—Majors are required to complete, with grades of C- or better, 13 course credits in women, gender, and sexuality, which must include the following:

In order to ensure rigor, breadth, and diversity, the concentration and elective courses must include the following:

Honors—The award of honors in women, gender, and sexuality will be based on a grade point average of 3.5 or better in the courses for the major and completion of a senior thesis with a grade of A- or better. Application to complete a senior thesis should be made to the director of women, gender, and sexuality the semester before the thesis is undertaken.

The minor in women, gender, and sexuality—The minor consists of six courses completed with a C- or better: two required core courses in women, gender, and sexuality; three electives in women, gender, and sexuality; and a senior seminar.

Fall Term

Spring Term