Physical Education

Athletic Director Renwick, Chair; Associate Athletic Director Sheppard; Assistant Athletic Director for Compliance Noone; Assistant Athletic Director for Facilities & Operations Acquarulo; Assistant Directors of Recreation Johnson and Kilcoyne; Associate Professors Assaiante, Bartlett, Bowman, Davis, Devanney, Hitchcock, Parmenter, and Suitor∙∙; Assistant Professors Acquarulo, Adamski, Cosgrove, Dissinger, Higgins, Melnitsky, Vega, and Williams; Instructors MacDermott, Ng, Pilger, Potter, and Smith; Head Athletic Trainer LeDuc

The physical education program is designed to meet individual interests and needs. A variety of activities is available to augment health and physical fitness, develop recreational and leisure skills, initiate and facilitate functional and aesthetic body movement, and impart knowledge in the areas of skills performance, game strategy and rules, and an in-depth understanding of sports coaching, recreational leadership, and first aid.

Courses in physical education are offered on a quarter basis, i.e., two courses a semester and four courses in an academic year. Academic credit, up to a maximum of one credit, toward the 36 credits required for the degree, may be earned at a rate of .25 course credit for successful completion. All courses are graded on a pass/fail basis. Classes are offered on the same starting time schedule as all academic classes, but end earlier due to dressing time. Students may not repeat the same course activity for an additional .25 course credit.

Specific courses include options in the following areas:

Registration—Courses are offered on a coeducational basis. Attire appropriate to each activity and attendance requirements will be determined by the individual class instructor and handed out the first day of class.

Just prior to and during the first week of each quarter, students may drop or add courses. After the add/drop deadline, no more courses may be added and courses dropped are recorded and marked “W” on the transcript. Students may withdraw from courses up to and including the Friday of the fourth full week of classes during that quarter.

Course offerings and the instructors are now listed in the Schedule of Classes, and course listing and registration for physical education courses is done at the same time and on the same form as academic course registration.

Fall Term

Spring Term