Jewish Studies Program

Charles H. Northam Professor Samuel Kassow, Director

Jewish studies is a multidisciplinary, College-wide investigation of Jewish civilization in its many historical and geographical manifestations. The scope of the Jewish studies curriculum covers Jewish civilization from its ancient Near Eastern origins through contemporary history and culture in Israel and the diaspora communities. It is a secular, academic program with diverse, cross-cultural emphases. For more details on the program’s faculty, requirements and sources, visit our Web site at:

Participating faculty and staff

Majors are required to complete, with grades of C- or better, 12 course credits in the Jewish Studies Program. Majors are strongly encouraged to pursue a semester or a year of study abroad in Israel.

The award of honors in Jewish studies will be based on excellence in the senior independent project or thesis and a grade point average of A- or better in the courses for the major.

Requirements for the major

Fall Term

Spring Term