Interdisciplinary Science Program

Lecturer and Director of the Science Center Draper, Director

The Interdisciplinary Science Program (ISP) is a special two-year curriculum for selected students in each entering class. It is intended for those students who are judged to possess exceptional scientific and mathematical aptitude and to be strongly motivated for academic success. It provides these students an opportunity to broaden their study of science and mathematics in the following ways:

ISP students begin the program in the fall of the first year. The program includes three courses: the interdisciplinary science seminar, ISP research apprenticeship, and a third course selected from offerings in the humanities or social sciences that addresses some issue related to science and society. During the two-year program, ISP students are also required to take two semesters of course work in laboratory science in a single department and two semesters of mathematics (typically calculus or statistics).

The Interdisciplinary Science Program can accommodate only a limited number of students each year. Entering students or applicants for admission to the entering class who wish to be considered for enrollment in the program should notify the director of the science center by mid-February.

Fall Term

Spring Term