Asian Studies

Coordinator: Assistant Professor Yipeng Shen (Language and Culture Studies and International Studies)

The Asian studies minor examines the variety of cultural expressions of peoples living in areas of South, Southeast, East, and Central Asia, as well as in diasporic conditions. It includes study from a number of different areas such as anthropology, economics, fine arts, history, language, literature, music, philosophy, political science, religion, sociology, and theater and dance. It also encourages students to draw on their knowledge of Asian languages, as well as on their study-abroad experiences in Asia. The minor consists of six courses, one of which is a “capstone” course, involving an expanded writing assignment that draws upon knowledge gained in other courses taken for the minor.

Course requirements:

A student’s minor program of courses must be approved by the coordinator of Asian studies, and students majoring in Asian studies are ineligible for the Asian studies minor.