American Studies

Associate Professor Gac, Director; Paul E. Raether Distinguished Professor of American Studies Baldwin, Paul E. Raether Distinguished Professor of History Greenberg, Charles A. Dana Professor of History Hedrick; Associate Professors Paulin and Hager; Assistant Professors Heatherton and Wickman; Visiting Professor Bellesiles; Visiting Associate Professor McCombie; Visiting Assistant Professor Miller, and Visiting Lecturer Conway

The American studies major offers an interdisciplinary approach to the study of American culture and society. Drawing on the methods and approaches of several disciplines, courses in the field emphasize deep readings of primary sources and engagement with the various materials that help us understand the making and meaning of America here and abroad. Students have the opportunity to take courses covering American subject matter offered by many departments and programs at Trinity, exposing them to a variety of disciplinary and interdisciplinary perspectives on the United States. To integrate their knowledge of American culture and society and to master a variety of methodological approaches to American studies, students participate in a required series of American studies courses and seminars.

Students who are considering a major in American studies should consult with the program director as early in their undergraduate career as possible. In addition, it is strongly recommended that students prepare themselves for the major by selecting at least one of the following survey courses: ENGL 204. Introduction to American Literature I; ENGL 205. Introduction to American Literature II; HIST 201. The United States from the Colonial Period through the Civil War; HIST 202. The United States from Reconstruction to the Present. Students also are advised to plan their schedules so that they take AMST 203/AMST 210 in their sophomore year and AMST 301 in their junior year. A course will not count for the major if the grade is below C-.

The American studies major—The American studies major requires 12 courses, as follows.

Honors—To receive honors in American studies a student must complete a thesis or project with a grade of A- or better and earn a GPA of at least 3.5 in courses counted toward the major.

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