Russian Studies

Coordinator: Associate Professor Carol Any (Language and Culture Studies)

This interdisciplinary minor examines Russian society, with an emphasis on its historical development and its literature. Students will learn to use the methods of the various disciplines that constitute this field of study.

Each student must complete an approved research project that investigates some topic of interest and makes balanced use of two of the disciplines. This may be an independent study or a paper written for one of the courses. Each student is expected to make an oral presentation of his or her paper to other participants in the program.

Course requirements:

Students who have learned Russian may substitute RUSS 301. Russian through Literature and Film, RUSS 302. Russian Narrative Prose, or RUSS 304. The Current Russian Media for one of the elective courses in the second requirement.

Students majoring in Russian and Eurasian studies or Russian language and literature are ineligible for this minor.