Coordinator: Professor Leslie Desmangles (Religion and International Studies)

The mythology minor is designed to acquaint students with myths from various cultures of the world, with methods used to interpret them, and with the expression of myth in a wide range of the arts. Although attention is given to the shape of myth as found in classical Western and non-Western sources, students are encouraged to expand their repertoire of material and to challenge prevailing concepts of what myth is.

The minor requires students to take at least one course in each of four categories, plus an elective and the integrating component. The first five courses must be drawn from a minimum of three fields.

Course requirements:

On occasion, an integrating seminar is offered that examines myths and their interpretation and expression, to be taken by students as their fifth or sixth course in the sequence. Enrollment limited to mythology minors, or by permission of the instructor.

Students may opt, with the approval of the coordinator, to do an independent study of their own design that integrates at least several of the fields and methods central to the minor. Independent studies may be used to fulfill no more than two of the requirements for the minor.

Any substitutions for courses in any of the categories must be approved in advance by the coordinator. Substitutions for regular courses may include those taken at other institutions, home or abroad.