Marine Studies

Coordinator: Charles A. Dana Professor Craig W. Schneider (Biology)

The unifying theme for this minor is the sea and the multifaceted relationship to it enjoyed by humans in the past, the present, and the future. The diverse influences of the sea on humankind find expression in history, literature, political science, economics, and the natural sciences. Courses in these disciplines, with the sea as common focus, provide a coherent and interdisciplinary perspective on the marine environment. This minor differs from other minors because it depends on courses offered in one of two off-campus programs, the Williams College-Mystic Seaport Maritime Studies Program and the Sea Education Association’s SEA Semester program.

The marine studies minor consists of six courses, four required core courses offered by the off-campus program, and two elective, and related, courses offered at Trinity.

Course requirements:

The courses that satisfy the minor in marine studies are listed below. Those offered at Trinity are divided into two groups by general academic area. Two courses from this list must be successfully completed prior to enrollment in either of the off-campus programs: two courses from Group A, or two courses from Group B, or one course from each group. The required core courses offered in the Williams-Mystic and SEA Semester programs are listed as Group C. The integrative exercise for this minor is the maritime policy seminar (Williams-Mystic Program) or the maritime studies course (SEA Semester).

The science courses in Group C for both programs satisfy the science distribution requirement for non-science majors. Normally, the portion of the minor taken off campus should be completed during the second semester of the sophomore year or during either semester of the junior year. In any case, it is very important to discuss your plans with the coordinator of the minor as soon as possible. The off-campus programs usually accept only sophomores or juniors.

Applications for SEA and Williams-Mystic are considered on a rolling basis. Students are urged to apply well in advance of the anticipated date of attendance and do so directly to the Admission Office of SEA or through the Twelve-College Exchange for Williams-Mystic.

The Office of Study Away must be notified of your application to the Williams-Mystic or SEA Semester program.

Acceptance into this minor is contingent upon your admission to the Williams-Mystic or SEA Semester Program.

Courses may be counted toward the minor only if the student receives a grade of at least C-. Because a number of the courses (*) listed above are not offered every academic year, it is recommended that students begin the course requirements for the marine studies minor no later than their sophomore year.