Legal Studies

Coordinator: Associate Professor Adrienne Fulco (Public Policy and Law)

The legal studies minor introduces students to the complex ways in which law shapes and structures social and economic institutions from the vantage point of several different disciplines. Students will examine how the law affects the distribution of authority, the enforcement of obligations, and the formulation of policy. Students will also learn about the reciprocal interchange between law and broader ideas such as justice, responsibility, and morality.

Students must receive a grade of C+ or higher in PBPL 113 or PBPL 123, and a grade of C- or higher in the remaining courses fulfilling the requirements of the legal studies minor. Students are expected to enroll in the minor no later than their fourth semester. No more than one course taken outside of Trinity may be counted toward the minor. Courses for the minor cannot be taken on a pass/fail basis. Students may double count one course for their major and for the legal studies minor. At least one elective must be at the 300 level.

Course requirements:

Students must take a total of six courses. With the exception of the introductory course, requirements may be fulfilled with substitutions approved by the coordinator. Students must take courses from at least four programs or departments.