Italian Studies

Coordinator: Professor Dario Del Puppo (Language and Culture Studies)

The minor in Italian studies introduces students to the complexities of an area that has been traditionally significant for Western civilization and that retains a unique historical, literary, and artistic patrimony.

Course requirements:

Students take six courses in three categories of inquiry. At least one course, but no more than three courses, may be taken in any one category. An interdisciplinary civilization course, ITAL 236 or ROME 345, is required of all students. Courses in the Italian language must be beyond the introductory level (101-102) to count toward the minor. In addition to the courses listed below, other courses given by visiting faculty may count toward the minor. Only courses in which the student receives a grade of at least a C- may be applied to the requirements of the minor. Students are encouraged to study away at the Rome campus, where they will be able to take courses toward the minor. Majors in Italian may not take this minor.

Hartford campus

Rome campus (including summer program)