German Studies

Coordinator: Professor Johannes Evelein (Language and Culture Studies)

The minor in German studies gives students the opportunity to explore the profound influence that German art, literature, and thought have had upon European and world culture and to integrate the various disciplines of this field of study into an understanding of the cultures of the German-speaking world.

Course Requirements:

Students shall take six courses in three categories of inquiry, including at least one course, and no more than three, from each category. At least one of the other five must be taken from the German literature offerings (Any 200-level GRMN taught in English, GRMN 250, 264, any 300-level GRMN course, 399, and 460) at Trinity College. The German studies minor does not require the Language Proficiency Exam. Students are encouraged (although not required) to take some of their other courses in one of the study-abroad programs sponsored by the department. They should consult the coordinator of the minor and the director of international programs for more information. Examples of acceptable courses taught at the College are listed below. Others may be acceptable with the coordinator’s approval.

The arts

History, politics, and thought

Language and literature