French Studies

Coordinator: Borden W. Painter, Jr., ’58/H’95 Professor of European History Kathleen Kete; Principal Lecturer in Language and Culture Studies Karen Humphreys

The minor in French studies has at its heart a travel-abroad experience in France, because living abroad is so centrally important to the understanding of another culture. This minor gives students the opportunity to integrate their study-abroad experience with courses taken at Trinity both before and after their study abroad. Students who participate in the Paris Program are strongly encouraged to pursue this minor as are those who have taken a first-year seminar on Paris.

Course requirements:

The minor consists of six courses distributed as follows:

Courses must be drawn from at least three categories of inquiry. Courses taught during the 2014-2015 school year that will count for the French studies minor within these three categories include:

The arts

History, politics, and thought

Language and literature