Genomics Research Program

The Genomics Research Program at Trinity is designed for academically motivated students interested in the life sciences. Developed in affiliation with the Howard Hughes Medical Institute’s SEA-PHAGES initiative, it is a selective program for exceptional first year students that provides a biological research experience during the first two semesters of college and a research seminar during the sophomore year. The GRP offers program-specific courses in which each student identifies and characterizes a non-pathogenic virus collected from the environment. From the viruses described, one is selected for complete genome sequencing. Students then explore genomic analysis by analyzing the genome structure - identifying new genes and adding them to the public gene databases. A student representative will present the class research at the end of the first year in a research symposium hosted by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute at their research campus in Virginia. The program is a unique opportunity to participate directly in the exciting area of genomics, and to experience biological discovery firsthand.

There are five courses in the Genomics Research Program, finishing with a sophomore seminar that explores research throughout the wide range of biology. The program is compatible with all majors. Participation is by invitation; please contact Professor Kathleen Archer for more information.