The Individualized Degree Program

The Individualized Degree Program (IDP) was created in 1973 because Trinity believes that education is an ongoing process and should recognize each student’s abilities and styles of learning. The IDP is a liberal arts program for adults who are highly motivated, confident, independent, and eager to profit from self-paced learning.

The IDP offers unusual flexibility and individuality. For instance, students may take not only conventional college courses but also “study units” designed for the independent learner. All of the student’s work is guided and evaluated by the professor overseeing the unit. Frequent contact with the professor is essential.

Because adult students may bring transfer credits from other institutions and must meet family and work obligations, Trinity allows students to set their own pace in order to finish the requirements for the B.A. or B.S. degree.

Candidates for admission to the IDP must be at least 23 years old or self-supporting. New students are admitted for fall and spring semesters. The application deadline for the fall semester is April 15, and the deadline for the spring semester is November 15. In reviewing applications and interviewing candidates, the IDP looks for evidence of academic potential, independence, self-discipline, and motivation.

IDP students are afforded per-course tuition and need-based financial aid. Financial assistance is offered to individuals who meet eligibility requirements. The financial aid package may consist of federal loans, employment in College jobs, grants from College scholarship funds, and, federal funds. Phi Theta Kappa Scholar’s from two-year colleges and/or U.S. military veterans may also take advantage of specialized financial aid programs at Trinity.

IDP students are in every way considered full-fledged members of the study body, using all of Trinity’s libraries, science laboratories, computing labs, other academic resources, athletic facilities, and administrative services such as career counseling. Students may take part in all extracurricular activities, including the Student Government Association, and are eligible to receive College awards for academic excellence.

Select Trinity professors form the IDP Council that oversees the program. Each IDP student has one of the Council members as a primary adviser. Once a student has chosen a major, much of the advising will be done by a professor from that department or program, but the IDP adviser remains available as a resource until the student graduates. Regular meetings with advisers are essential for success in the program.

Further information about the IDP may be obtained by writing, calling, or by visiting our Web site at