Special Curricular Opportunities

A Trinity education extends beyond traditional disciplines and interdisciplinary fields. A wide range of special curricular opportunities exists, enhancing students’ learning experiences. From Gateway programs that serve as thematic learning communities for entering students to co-curricular options in the Hartford area and opportunities for studying on other campuses as well as multiple student-initiated programs, students can self-design a vibrant course of study. Some of these opportunities are listed below, showcasing the range of programs and initiatives offered by the College.

 Gateway and Related Programs
  The Cities Program
  Guided Studies Program: European Cultures
  InterArts Program
  Interdisciplinary Science Program
 Co-Curricular Options in Hartford
  Health Fellows Program
  Legislative Internship Program
  Community learning at Trinity College
  The Center for Urban and Global Studies
  Actuarial science
  The Hartford Studies Project
 Office of Study Away
  The Hartford Consortium for Higher Education
  Trinity-University of St. Joseph Program in Elementary and Secondary Education
  Wesleyan University and Connecticut College
  Trinity/La MaMa Performing Arts Semester
  The American School of Classical Studies in Athens
  BEACON—The Biomedical Engineering Alliance and Consortium
  Air Force ROTC
 Student-Initiated Programs
  Independent study
  Student-designed majors
  Language Across the Curriculum
  Academic leave of absence
  Open Semester Program
  Student-taught courses
 Other Curricular Opportunities
  College courses
  Trinity Days
  January Term
  Teaching and research assistants
  Transfer credit
  Auditing courses
  Graduate courses
  Accelerated study
  Intensive study programs