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From Lima, Peru to Hartford, Connecticut: Trinity Student Brings a Trinfo Christmas to Neighborhood Residents

Hartford, Conn., December 5, 2005—When O’Rayan Velarde arrived in Hartford from Lima, Peru five years ago, little did he imagine that he would end up as the 2005 valedictorian for Hartford High School or attend Trinity College several months later. When Velarde was awarded his first computer during his sophomore year at Hartford High—for having perfect attendance—he never imagined that he would soon play a role in handing out free computers to others in the Hartford community who previously had no access to the information that so many computer-savvy city residents take for granted.

Thanks to his part-time job at Trinfo Café—Trinity College’s community technology center—on Thursday, December 8, at 4:00 p.m., Velarde and fellow-first-year student Alexis Valle (2005 salutatorian at Hartford High School) will play Santa (complete with red suit) and hand out more than 40 computers that they and others have refurbished to neighborhood residents, and to grandparents from the “Parents the Second Time Around” program in Hartford. To date, the Trinfo Café program has restored and distributed approximately 150 computers to families within a 15-square block radius of the college.

“I remember what it was like to get that first computer, that feeling of having access to the world, to information.” Velarde says. “I hope what we’re doing will have a similar impact on others’ lives.” To further that end, he teaches neighborhood residents an introductory class in Word each Thursday.

Born and raised in Hartford, Valle shares Valarde’s zeal for computers and an enthusiasm for what Trinfo Café does for the community surrounding Trinity College. He began refurbishing computers while attending the after-school apprenticeship program at Trinfo Café in his senior year of high school, and continues to work there today.

Trinfo Café, located at the corner of Broad and Vernon Streets, brings Internet technology, training, support, and equipment to Hartford residents. The program enables residents to comprehend and value computer technology by tailoring computer classes to their professional needs and by demonstrating how computers, the Internet, and Microsoft Office programs can be utilized to achieve personal organizational tasks.


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