Phytoremediation At Chestnut Street

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Here are some pictures of the site

sarah.jpg (163022 bytes)

This is Sarah and the " lead mobile" (our transportation to and from the site with all of the equipment)

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sudan.jpg (25924 bytes)              sunflower1.jpg (22394 bytes)

Sudan Grass (left picture), Sunflower (right picture)

mustard1.jpg (33442 bytes)            mustard2.jpg (20690 bytes)

Two different species of Indian Mustard Plants

All of the above plants take lead out of the soil

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First Crop

week1.jpg (27950 bytes)

Week 1

week3.jpg (26870 bytes)

Week 3

week4.jpg (27977 bytes)

Week 4

week6a.jpg (33353 bytes)      week6b.jpg (33290 bytes)

Week 6

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