Phytoremediation At Chestnut Street

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            The city of Hartford has a rich history of community service. Over the past few years much effort has been focused by various departments in the city to cleaning up parts of Hartford and making it a better place to live and work in. One such effort is the Brownfields project. The Brownfields project started with meetings of community members to assess and prioritize sites that needed to be cleaned up and decontaminated to be developed for future use. After an extensive list of Brownfield sites were compiled the sites were analyzed to get an idea as to what type of remediation was needed and how extensive the clean up had to be. With the help of the Clay/Arsenal Neighborhood Association, One-Chane, Trinity College, CSS-CON, the House of Bread, Knox Park Foundation, SAND, the United States EPA, the Connecticut DEP, the state Health Department and the City of Hartford Redevelopment Agency, the Brownfield sites were tested and categorized as to what type of remediation was necessary and the order of importance for the cleanup of the sites.

            Through meetings with the community, environmental groups and real estate developers it soon became apparent that some sort of glossary of terms was needed to put everyone on the same page so to speak, with the vocabulary used in such an undertaking. A lot of technical terms are used when discussing a project such as this. This glossary was created with the hopes that the community could use it to understand the technical terms used and inform real estate developers of the environmental terms and vice versa.

            Thank you to all of the people and companies involved who are making the Brownfields project possible. A very special thanks to Bea Powell for her commitment to education and community involvement. For she is truly the inspiration for this project.

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