Phytoremediation At Chestnut Street

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Trinity College

                   Professors: Hebe Guardiola-Diaz

                                      David Henderson

                    Students: Jamillia Case

                                   Christopher Geremia

                                   Jason Purdy

                                   Michelle Rosado

                                   Lacey Russell

                                   Sarah White


The City of Hartford

        Contact person: Jennifer Kertanis (Department of Health)

                                 (860) 509 - 7757


The Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection

        Contact Person: Mary Sherwin

                                 (860) 424 - 3246


Knox Parks Foundation

        Contact Person: Dolcie Anderson

                                 (860) 523 - 4276


Edenspace Systems Corp.
Fuss & O'Neill Inc.
Clay Arsenal Neighborhood Revitalization Zone
House of Bread
Quirk Middle School