Faculty who enter into private consulting contracts or other agreements for professional services that are not within the scope of their employment at Trinity College do so as individuals. (Any such contract entered into for services that are not within the scope of a faculty member's employment and without the express written approval by the Dean of the Faculty is deemed an individual arrangement.) All information provided for such contracts and agreements must pertain specifically to the faculty member. In particular, the use of Trinity College's name and employer identification number on such contracts or agreements is not permitted, and, unless approved by the Dean, Trinity College will provide no services, such as accounting or billing, for the contract. Further, only those persons authorized by the Trustees of Trinity College to sign contracts on behalf of the College may do so.

All contracts and amendments to contracts to be administered by the College must be submitted for approval by the Dean prior to execution by an authorized person. Work on the contract must be completed within the stated performance period and in accordance with the terms and conditions stated in the agreement. Subcontractors must process financial transactions and provide documentation required for financial reporting in accordance with the policies and procedures of the College.

The use of the name, seal, logo, or other trademarks of Trinity College and/or other intellectual property of Trinity College without the express written permission of the Dean of Faculty is prohibited. This applies particularly to private commercial arrangements where the use of such trademarks and/or intellectual property could be construed as an endorsement by the College or that the College has granted a license for its use.