Letters and Updates

February 11, 2014

Dear Members of the Trinity College Community:

Trinity’s Presidential Search Committee of 14 members, which includes alumni, students, faculty, staff, and trustees, has been meeting regularly both by phone and in person since my last communication to you.  We have used our gatherings to thoroughly review a strong candidate pool. 

This next stage of the search process is highly confidential. Candidates are understandably concerned that word of their interest not "leak" and, accordingly, we are not at liberty to discuss in this letter any particulars about the pool other than to say we have a robust and diverse group. Trinity’s profile has drawn both traditional candidates from academic settings along with some nontraditional applicants.   Most importantly, all share extremely strong credentials for the role as Trinity’s next president.

The search is progressing on schedule with the aim to have in hand a list of finalists later in the spring, followed by our committee's recommendation of the top candidate to be presented to the Board of Trustees.  It continues to be our objective to have a seamless transition between President Jones's retirement in June and our new president's arrival.

We are very grateful for the letters and calls many of you have undertaken to bring candidates to our attention.  It is abundantly clear to me that the Trinity community is extremely supportive of helping us find the right person to lead our College at this most critical juncture in our institution’s history.  Thank you for your engagement in the process, the insights you have offered, and the convictions you have shared.  Above all, thank you for your love of Trinity that has been apparent throughout and upon which we will continue to rely.



Cornie Thornburgh ‘80

Chair, Presidential Search Committee