October 4, 2013

Dear Members of the Trinity Community:

We are pleased to provide this update from Trinity’s Presidential Search Committee. As we continue to move forward, the committee is confident that we are well poised to attract a superior candidate to Trinity College to become this institution’s 22nd president. You can now access the prospectus that will be used by candidates interested in becoming our next president; it is available on the presidential search site: www.trincoll.edu/presidentialsearch. The prospectus incorporates the feedback received to date from your responses to our survey and on-campus forums.  It also begins to paint a picture of Trinity to those not familiar with our exceptional College. I feel we can all agree this document is merely a snapshot of our beautiful campus. The real essence of Trinity is found in the activities and energy of all who constitute our talented community. Therefore, we invite you to continue providing suggestions along with any nominations, which will be treated confidentially. 

As we move through the process, it is important that we are mindful of the need for confidentiality. Candidates are sensitive to keeping their interest in Trinity carefully shrouded so as not to risk their current positions. And, in this age of instantly accessible information from social media and other online sources, it is prudent to maintain this privacy to allow for the widest pool of interest. For this reason, it is likely you will not be able to see or hear about our finalists. Our desire to attract the best candidate and have your full input must be tempered by these realities.

The search committee is looking forward to a busy fall and spring as we continue to reach out to those of you we haven’t heard from by offering additional forums and meetings. Notices of these meetings will be placed on the Web site, which we urge you to continue to monitor. 

In the meantime, we are moving ahead to develop a diverse pool of candidates who will embrace the opportunities and meet the challenges of preparing Trinity for the College’s bicentennial, which is—incredibly—only a decade away.

Best regards,

Cornie Thornburgh ‘80
Chair, Presidential Search Committee