INTerdisciplinary Science Program
The Interdisciplinary Science Program (ISP) at Trinity College is an innovative, non-major curricular program designed to broaden and enrich the study of science and mathematics by exploring the links between the various scientific disciplines and their connection with the external world. Designed more than 20 years ago by faculty in Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Engineering, Environmental Science, Mathematics, Neuroscience and Physics, the core of the ISP consists of a seminar and a research apprenticeship, both in the first year, and a course investigating the interactions of science and society, usually taken in the sophomore year.


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Learn More about the ISP
          •  Interdisciplinary Science Program
                  •  Admission to the Program
          •  What's in it for you?                   •  Frequently Asked Questions
          •  The Curriculum
                   •  ISP Coordinator
          •  ISP 117 Syllabus Fall 2010
                   •  ISP 118 Syllabus Spring 2010  
                                                                             •  Interdisciplinary Science Center  


Departmental Links:
          •  Biology

       •  Chemistry/Biochemistry

                •  Computer Science
          •  Engineering

•  Environmental Science     

                •  Mathematics
          •  Neuroscience

       •  Physics

                •   Science Center


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