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The following  P.A.  was released by the 2004 EROS Executive Board.

This P.A.  continues to explain relevant and recent concerns of the Trinity Community and EROS in regards to our annual Chalking efforts. We continue to hope his P.A. explains your questions and concerns. For further questions please email us at


Crystal Nieves

EROS President 2008


April 18, 2004

Dear Members of the Trinity College Community:

Every year, traditionally in the fall to mark the start of Gay and Lesbian History Month, the members of Encouraging Respect Of Sexualities (or EROS) Trinity College's Gay-Straight Alliance performs a "chalking" of the campus. The chalking includes many phrases to help raise visibility of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (or LGBT) individuals.

Even though many straight allies help in the chalking, its goal is to raise awareness of LGBT issues. We would still like to thank the "straight but not narrow" allies who help us each year though, for often times there are more straight allies involved in the chalking than there are LGBT individuals.

Throughout the years, we have refined our chalking phrases and strategies. All phrases chalked by EROS are approved by the EROS executive board before they are placed around campus. Sometimes others do chalkings of their own trying to coincide with EROS. In order to remove some confusion, we have placed the list of EROS approved chalking phrases and facts online. In order to view the EROS approved list, please click here. Additionally EROS has confined its chalking this year to the Mather Quad, the Upper Long Walk, the Lower Long Walk, The Bistro, The Admissions Quad and outside the main doors of Ferris Athletic Center. Chalkings found anywhere else outside of these areas were not done by EROS members and have not been approved by our organization.

We are often asked why the chalkings are done at night. People ask if we are afraid of being seen in the day. The reason the chalkings are done at night is quite simple: During the day people are walking around everywhere and performing the chalking in high-traffic times is inconvenient both to us as chalkers and to you as walkers.

We hope that as you walk around and view the chalkings done by EROS that you are able to laugh a little, and maybe even be angry a little at some of the injustices faced by LGBT people every day. Remember that though LGBT students may not be as visible as other students on campus, they are a part of this campus community and deserve respect just as much as any other students.

Thank you for your time. If you have any further questions about the EROS Chalking 2004, please feel free to email


The EROS Executive Board:
Ben A Johnson & Kirk Quinsland, Co-Presidents
Jared Hoffman, Secretary              Ryan Sultan, Treasurer
Jenny Piaskoski, Social Chair       Brendan Padgett, MAC Representative

EROS Approved Chalking Phrases

1. Out of the closets into the streets
2. Come Out
3. Better Gay than Grumpy
4. Celebrate Diversity
6. I can’t even Think Straight
7. I (hear) my (pink triangle) Friends
8. LOVE (The “O”is a red heart, the “V” a pink triangle)
9. No one knows I’m gay/lesbian/bi/questioning
10. No one knows I’m Queer
11. Out is IN
12. Pink Triangle
13. Red Ribbon
14. Some of my best friends are Heterosexual
15. Support the freedom to marry
16. VISIBLE ( The “V’ is a pink triangle)
17. Another Woman Loving Women
18. Born Again Lesbian
19. “Female Symbol” inside Pink Triangle
20. I like men/women, I just don’t like sleeping with them
21. “Male Symbol” inside a Pink Triangle
22. I Got This Way Kissing Boys/Girls
23. I “heart” MEN
24. I’m not Gay my husband is
25. Bi American
26. Bi Pride
27. Bisexuals are Equal Opportunity Lovers
28. Good Bi
30. Love Knows No Gender
32. The grass is greener on both sides if you’re Bi
33. VisiBIlity
34. There’s nothing queer about loving another human being
35. (drawing of 2 men/women—like the ones on the bathroom door—holding hands)
36. I’m gay. Don’t worry, it’s not contagious
37. Homophobia is a social disease
38. We are all family and we all have values
39. I love my lesbian mom
41. OUT
42. Stop hate crimes, honor diversity
43. Got Pride?
44. Dip me in honey and throw me to the lesbians
45. Color me gay
46. Did you choose to be straight?
47. I love my gay brother/sister/uncle
48. Only my teeth are straight
49. Familia
50. I’m not a lesbian but my girlfriend is
51. Have a gay day
52. Remember Stonewall
53. Somos hermanas
54. EROS- Thinking outside the box (draw a box)
55. If gay and lesbian people are given civil rights then EVERYONE will want them
56. Gay by nature, absolutely fabulous by choice
57. Focus on your own damn family
58. Never again, never forget (with pink triangle)
59. You may already be happy
60. We’re the people our parents warned us about
61. The only abnormality is the incapacity to love
62. ASSUME makes an ASS out of U and ME
63. Assume nothing
64. Some do, some don’t, I might
65. A kiss is just a kiss
66. Boycott homophobia
67. Act gay? How can one act gay? We are gay.
68. Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness are not “Special Rights”
69. Pink sheep of the family
70. The Moral Majority is Neither
71. Gay by Nature proud by choice
72. A closed mind is a wonderful thing to lose
73. We are everywhere
74. Hate is not a family value
75. Question Assumptions
76. Explain to me again why I need a man/woman
77. Been there, done both
78. Refuse to choose
79. Don’t die wondering
80. Ask me about my last lover
81. Strong enough for a man but made for a lesbian
82. Let’s get one thing straight, I’m not
83. Making it perfectly QUEER
84. Shock your parents—tell them the truth
85. Straight but not narrow
86. Gay & Proud
87. Love is the law
88. 2 stick figures under a tree labeled as “Adam and Steve” or “Amy and Eve”
89. Bi the way, don’t assume I’m gay
90. Happy bi nature
91. Closets are for clothes
92. Keep your laws off my body
93. Love is not a crime
94. I’m a (wo)man’s (wo)man
95. 2QT2BSTR8
96. God loves me the way I am. Gay
97. I’m straight, but it might be just a phase
98. Safe sex bi all means
99. I like it both ways
100. Your silence will not protect you
101. Keep Hope Alive
102. No one is free when others are oppressed
103. Action = life, Silence = death
104. Love is ALL it takes to make a family
105. Don’t legislate my morality
106. Enlightened Heterosexual
107. Fear is understandable, Ignorance is Unacceptable
108. Don’t ask for equality… vote it!
109. It takes balls to be a fairy
110. We the people… (that means all of us)
111. Quality of relationship is more important than the gender
112. Hate-free Zone
113. Take a lesbian to lunch
114. What closet?
115. When life’s a drag wear a dress
116. Real men don’t fear gays
117. One of your teammates is gay.
118. More acceptance. (write gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender off the various letters)
1. Same-sex couples live in 99.3% of all counties nationwide
2. There are an estimated 3.1 million people living together in same-sex relationships in the United States
3. Between 1 million and 9 million children are being raised by gay, lesbian, and bisexual parents in the United States today.
5.   Sexual orientation bias represents the third highest category of reported hate crimes
6. One out of five hate crimes is against a person for their sexual orientation.
7. 10% of all hate crimes occur at schools and campuses
8. It’s legal to fire someone based on their sexual orientation in 36 states
9. It’s legal to fire someone based on their gender identity in 46 states