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The information below will be distributed to you on paper in your registration packet, but here is a preview:

Restaurant (follow the link to the Website) Address Phone (401-) Distances from Hyatt or Marriott Meals Price Range Comments
Rhumbline 62 Bridge St. 849-3999 .4Hy .1Ma D (Tu-Sun) $-$$$ Contemporary casual; off the beaten track; wheelchair users must negotiate 1 step
Fathom's (Marriott) 25 America's Cup Ave. 849-1000 .5Hy BLD $$-$$$ Seafood plus
Panera Bread 49 Long Wharf 324-6800 .5Hy .1Ma BLD $ Bakery items, sandwiches, soups, salads
Mudville Pub 8 W. Marlborough 849-1408 .6Hy .1Ma LD $-$$ Pub food; best known for their burgers
Perro Salado 19 Charles St. 619-4777 .6Hy .1Ma D (Tu-Sun) $-$$ Mexican
Sushi-Go 215 Goddard Row 849-5155 .6Hy .1Ma LD $-$$  
Brick Alley Pub & Restaurant 140 Thames St. 849-6334 .6Hy .1Ma LD $$-$$$ Loud and good-natured, Newport's favorite restaurant
Celtica Public House 95 Long Wharf 847-4770 .6Hy .2Ma LD $ Small, pub-style menu including lunch specials
Panini Grille 186 Thames St. 847-7784 .6Hy .2Ma LD $ BYOB; free delivery for $10+ orders
Lucia Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria 186B Thames St. 846-4477 .6Hy .2Ma LD (closed Wed.) $-$$ Italian, pizza, vegetarian friendly
Sumo Sushi 198 Thames St. 848-2307 .6Hy .2Ma LD $-$$  
Gas Lamp Grille 206 Thames St. 845-9300 .6Hy .2Ma LD $$-$$$ Exotic beers (and food)
Landing Restaurant 30 Bowen's Wharf 847-4514 .6Hy .3Ma LD $-$$$ Seafood
Billy Goode's 23 Marlborough St. 848-5013 .7Hy .2Ma LD $ Pub food
Spark 12 Broadway 842-0023 .7Hy .2Ma D (Tu-Sat only) $-$$ Hip, eclectic menu; BYOB
Yesterday's & The Place 28 Washington Sq. 847-0116 .7Hy .2Ma LD $-$$$ Thai inspired cuisine and wine (The Place); Pub style menu and beer, featuring microbrews (Yesterdays)
22 Bowen's 22 Bowen's Wharf 841-8884 .7Hy .2Ma LD $$-$$$$ Steakhouse
White Horse Tavern 26 Marlborough St. 849-3600 .7Hy .2Ma LD $$-$$$$ American, possibly the oldest operating tavern in America
Poor Richards 254 Thames St. 846-8757 .7Hy .3Ma BL $ The basics
Mel's Cafenio 25 Broadway 849-6420 .7Hy .3Ma BL $$  
Benjamin's 254 Thames St. 846-8757 .7Hy .3Ma D $-$$ Seafood, Italian
Rhode Island Quahog Co. 250 Thames St. 848-2330 .7Hy .3Ma LD $-$$ Quahog=large clam; seafood, chicken, and beef
Wharf Pub 37 Bowen's Wharf 846-9233 .7Hy .3Ma LD $-$$ Pub style restaurant, gourmet sandwiches
Clarke Cook House 1 Bannister's Wharf 849-2900 .7Hy .3Ma LD $$$$ Quintessential Newport restaurant
Mooring Seafood Kitchen & Bar 1 Sayor's Wharf 846-2260 .7Hy .3Ma LD $-$$$ Winter dining specials on weeknights
Candy Store and Grille 1 Bannister's Wharf 849-2900 .7Hy .3Ma LD $$-$$$ Main floor of the Clarke Cook House, serving meals, snacks, sandwiches, and drinks
Black Pearl Bannister's Wharf 846-5264 .7Hy .3Ma LD $$-$$$$ Seafood; clam chowda to die for; reservations and proper dress required in Commodore Room
Jack & Josie's 111 Broadway 851-6900 .8Hy .4Ma LD $ Modern American, quirky poolroom-luncheonette sports-bar Internet-café
Franklin Spa Restaurant 229 Spring St. 847-3540 .8Hy .5Ma BL $$ A Newport breakfast favorite
Salas' 345 Thames St. 846-8772 .8Hy .5Ma D $$ Must try; ask about winter specials
Christie's 14 Perry Mill Wharf 847-5400 .8Hy .5Ma BLD $-$$ Funky, modern take on the diner
H20 & the Water Bar Lounge 359 Thames St. 849-4466 .8Hy .5Ma D $-$$ Anything and everything; winter specials
Red Parrot, The 348 Thames St. 847-3800 .8Hy .5Ma LD $-$$ Caribbean influenced 22 page menu
Via Via 376 Thames St. 848-0880 .8Hy .5Ma LD $-$$ Eat-in or delivery
Little Café, A 27 J.T. Connell Hwy. 849-0123 .8Hy .6Ma BL $ Pastries, soups, sandwiches
Buskers Irish Pub 178 Thames St. 846-5856 .9Hy .3Ma LD $-$$ Family-owned
Fluke Wine, Bar, & Kitchen 41 Bowen's Wharf 849-7778 .9Hy .3Ma D $-$$$ Modern American; small and large plate menu
Rocco's Little Italy 124 Broadway 848-4556 .9Hy .4Ma LD $ Pizza and grinders; delivers
Salvation Café 140 Broadway 847-2620 .9Hy .4Ma D $$ Eclectic funky, spot popular with the locals; vegetarian and vegan friendly
Portabella 136 Broadway 847-8200 .9Hy .4Ma BLD $-$$ Italian bakery and deli; BYOB; closed Sundays
Tucker's Bistro 150 Broadway 846-3449 .9Hy .4Ma D $$=$$$ Continental, rococo environment, dim lighting; call ahead
Newport Grilled Pizza 397 Thames St. 619-0066 .9Hy .6Ma D $-$$ Grilled pizza and then some
Sardella's 30 Memorial Blvd. West 849-6312 1.0Hy .6Ma D $$ Italian; offer half or full plates
Puerini's 24 Memorial Blvd. 847-5506 1.0Hy .6Ma D $$-$$$ Italian
Gary's Handy Lunch 462 Thames St. 847-9480 1.0Hy .7Ma BL $ Classic diner
Pronto 464 Thames St. 847-5251 1.0Hy .7Ma D $-$$$ A bit of everything
O'Brien's Pub 501 Thames St. 849-6623 1.0Hy .8Ma D $ Pub food
Fifth Element, The 509 Thames St. 841-0011 1.0Hy .8Ma D $-$$ American, "Bar Meets Grill"
West Deck, The 1 Waite's Wharf 847-3610 1.0Hy .8Ma D (Th-Sat only) $$-$$$ Modern American
Bouchard Restaurant 505 Thames St. 846-0123 1.0Hy .8Ma D $$-$$$$ French
Pop Kitchen + Cocktails 162 Broadway 846-8456 1.1Hy .5Ma D $ Modern American
Canfield House 5 Memorial Blvd. 847-0416 1.1Hy .7Ma D $$-$$$ Fine dining
Scales & Shells 527 Thames St. 846-3474 1.1Hy .9Ma D $-$$ Seafood only; some vegetarian pastas available; credit cards not accepted
Café Zelda 528 Thames St. 849-4002 1.1Hy .9Ma LD $$-$$$ Casual fine dining
Ocean Breeze Café 580 Thames St. 849-1750 1.2Hy 1.0Ma BL $ Best breakfast in Newport
Asterisk 599 Thames St. 841-8833 1.2Hy 1.0Ma BLD $$-$$$ French, hip dining room & martini bar
Mamma Luisa Restaurant 673 Thames St. 848-5257 1.4Hy 1.2Ma D (closed Wed.) $-$$ Italian, vegetarian friendly