Volunteer for Trinity

 If you are already a volunteer, enter our secure Volunteer Web site.

Volunteering for Trinity is a rewarding way to remain connected to the College and support its mission. Learn about the following volunteer opportunities by contacting the Trinity staff member listed below:

Admissions Volunteer: Contact Kalia Kellogg, (860) 297- 2553

Area Club Volunteer: Contact Victoria McKenna '06, M'09, (860) 297-2402

Black Alumni Organization: Contact Alinafe Tengatenga '13​, (860) 297-2402

Career Services Volunteer:  Contact Melissa Bronzino Regan '87, (860) 297-2410

Elms Society Ambassador: Contact Eve Forbes, (860) 297-5353 

50th Reunion Volunteer: Contact Kristen Gordon, (860) 297-2406

Long Walk Societies Committee Member: Contact Noelle Beach Marchaj M'13​, (860) 297-2363

National Alumni Association Executive Committee: Contact Aliza Finn-Welch, (860) 297-4054

Parent Director: Contact Andy Miller, (860) 297-5396

Reunion Committee Member: Contact Allison Grebe​, (860) 297-2050

Student Alumni Ambassadors: Contact Alinafe Tengatenga '13​, (860) 297-2402

Trinity Alumnae Leadership Council: Contact Aliza Finn-Welch, (860) 297-4054

Trinity Fund Class Agent: Contact Chris White​, (860) 297-4214