Welcome to The Long Walk Societies

 The Long Walk Societies (LWS) were formed in 1992 to demonstrate the College’s appreciation for leadership gifts to Trinity. The LWS bring together generations of donors and volunteers – veteran leaders and emerging leaders – to support virtually every aspect of academic and student life.

LWS members are civic-minded alumni and parents, engaged members of the community who give at the leadership level. They understand that their unrestricted gifts are an investment in an exceptional liberal arts education and they choose to prioritize Trinity College in their philanthropy.

Young Alumni

Young alumni classes through the 10th Reunion are included in the Downes Society with a gift of $100 multiplied by the number of years since graduation. Class of  2015 = $100 and Class of 2006 = $1,000

Matching Gifts & Monthly Payments

Your employer may have a charitable matchinggift program that increases your total gift at no cost to you. For more information, visit www.matchinggifts.com/trincoll

If desired, your gift may be divided into monthly payments through the end of the fiscal year.

Benefits of Membership:

To express our appreciation for your loyal and generous support, the College offers the LWS members recognition in our Annual Report of Philanthropy and at Long Walk Societies events. LWS members also have exclusive access to several LWS events on campus and regional receptions throughout the country.

Making a Gift:

  • You may make a credit card gift using American Express, MasterCard or VISA by calling the toll-free gift line 800-771-6184 or by visiting the online giving page.
  • You may send your gift through the mail to the Trinity Fund, 300 Summit Street, Hartford, CT 06106-3100.
  • You may make your gift with cash, check, credit card or securities.
  • To make a gift of securities, please contact the Business Office at (860) 297-5367.
  • Corporate matching gifts count toward membership.
  • You and your Trinity spouse are eligible for joint membership.

For more information about the LWS, please contact Erin Pollard, Long Walk Societies Program Director, at (860) 297-4229. ​​