Endowment Report

2010-2011 Endowment Report

Letter from the Vice President for College Advancement


An endowed fund is perhaps the greatest example of the long-term power of philanthropy: a substantial gift that grows even greater over time, providing a secure source of support for students, faculty, and staff in perpetuity.  Trinity’s endowment—and indeed, the College—continues to grow and thrive because generations of alumni, parents, and friends such as you have made such meaningful investments in its future.
As I write, Trinity is counting down to the conclusion of the Cornerstone Campaign, June 30, 2012.  The impact this historic fundraising effort has had on Trinity’s endowment is apparent everywhere on campus.  In the 2011 fiscal year alone, 29 new endowed funds were established, including a dozen new scholarships, as well as funds to support the general purposes of the College instruction, athletics, and other academic and co-curricular initiatives.  These gifts—and all of the approximately one thousand individual endowed funds established throughout the College’s history—provide vital resources to support our students, faculty, and staff as they endeavor to enhance the excellence of this College in every area of pursuit.

I am pleased to present the complete list of the College’s endowed funds, their descriptions, and market values as of the close of fiscal year 2011.  I invite you to visit these pages and others on our site to learn more about the ways generations of magnanimous donors continue to sustain and bolster Trinity today.

Ronald A. Joyce
Vice President for College Advancement