Endowment Report

2012-2013 Endowment Report

Letter from the Vice President for College Advancement

Dear Friend,

Gifts to Trinity’s endowment are a perpetual source of support for the core mission of the College, and they ensure the excellence of our educational programs for generation after generation of scholars.  Evidence of the opportunities that our endowment provides is apparent everywhere in our community—from faculty-mentored student research, to legislative internships at the State Capital, and innovative Career Development programs that tap the commitment of alumni to help students continue learning beyond the classroom, laboratory, or studio.  With pride in what has been accomplished and enthusiasm for what is yet to come, I am pleased to provide this update for the 2012-13 fiscal year.

Over the past year, Trinity’s endowment experienced remarkable growth, increasing its total market value by $50 million, net of spending, as a result of positive performance and new gifts totaling approximately $9 million.  I invite you to explore these Web pages to view the full list of endowed funds, as well as information from the Treasurer’s Office on the overall performance of the endowment. 

Your support continues to strengthen the foundation of the College.  It enables us to attract and support extraordinary students, sustain the excellence of our faculty, and enhance the living and learning environment.  On behalf of President Jones, our students, and faculty, I offer my sincere gratitude for your continued investment in Trinity College.


John P. Fracasso
Vice President for College Advancement