Calendar of LWS Events

2016 - 2017

Long Walk Societies Family Weekend Cocktail Reception with President Joanne Berger-Sweeney

September 23, Grand Room, Admissions and Career Development Center

Volunteer Leadership Conference & Long Walk Societies Fall Committee Meeting

November 5, Trinity College campus

"How to Make Sense of the 2016 Election", with Professor Renny Fulco. Hosted by Gary Morgans '75

February 20, Washington D.C.

Long Walk Societies Committee Spring Meeting. Hosted by Julianna Katrancha '99

March 1, McCann, New York, NY

Trinity Nights

March 31, New York City and Boston

Giving Day

April 5, worldwide 

LWS Reception on Reunion Weekend

June 9, The President's House, Trinity College campus

Spring 2016

Long Walk Societies Committee Meeting

February 27, Trinity College Campus

"Playing Hardball: The Struggle over the Supreme Court and the 2016 Election" A Lecture by Professor Adrienne Fulco

March 16, Washington, DC

Giving Day

April 20

The Industry Series : "The Millennial's Portfolio - Investing Together" with Jim Cramer

May 11, New York, NY

Long Walk Societies Reception​ at Reunion Weekend

June 10, Trinity College Campus

Fall 2015

 Long Walk Societies Committee Meeting 

October 14, New York, NY

Long Walk Societies Reception at Family Weekend

October 23, Trinity College Campus

 LWS Connect-A-Thon

November 5, New York, NY

Check back often, as regional receptions and other events are periodically added.

For questions please contact Erin Pollard, Long Walk Societies Program Director, at, or (860) 297-4229.