The Long Walk Societies Committee

The Long Walk Societies was formed in 1992 as a vehicle to show the College's appreciation for leadership level gifts to Trinity. The goal of the committee is to bring together a core group of distinguished alumni volunteers to serve as the face of the LWS program. The LWS Committee serves as an ally to the College so that it can better reach alumni, parents, and friends. 

​ ​Trustee Liaison

Nina McNeely Diefenbach '80, Pelham, NY

LWS Committee Co-Chairs​ ​

Caleb T. Fox '03

New York, NY

Tara Lichtenfels Gans '88

Potomac, MD

LWS Committee Members​ ​

​Edward A. K. Adler, Esq. ´69

​Sands Point, NY

​Ms. Lisa Alvarez Calderon ´88

​Westfield, NJ

​Mr. James E. Balise, III ´04

​New York , NY

​Mr. Victor S. Consoli ´87

​New Canaan, CT

​Mr. Harry W. Cyphers IV ´09

​New York, NY

​Ms. Jennifer A. Dakin ´97

​Washington, DC

​Ms. Loren D. Davis ´07

​New York, NY

​Mr. Adam C. Dawson ´10

New York, NY​

​Mr. William F. Detwiler ´85

​New York, NY

Mrs. Amy McGill Dilatush ´94

Chicago, IL

Bailey Johnston Farrin, Esq. ´82

​Durham, NC

​Mrs. Amanda Hatfield ´08

​Fairfield, CT

​Mr. James F. Heneghan ´98

​Fairfield, CT

​Ms. Joanna W. Hill ´09

​Venice, CA

​Ms. Juliet K. Izon ´07

​New York, NY

​Mrs. Julianna M. Katrancha ´99

​New York, NY

​Mr. Duncan T. Ley ´03

​San Francisco, CA

​Ms. Nicole E. Lustig Pasternak ´12

​New York, NY

​Mr. Michael A. Magdelinskas ´11

​Washington, DC

​Mr. Andrew M. Merrill ´85

​Norwalk, CT

​Gary A. Morgans, Esq. ´75

​Arlington, VA

​Mr. Gavin P. O'Reilly ´03

​San Francisco, CA

​Philip S. Parsons, Esq. ´65

​Tallahassee, FL

​Mrs. Elaine Feldman Patterson ´76

​Los Angeles, CA

​Ms. Elizabeth G. Phillips ´13

Brooklyn, NY​

​Mr. David V. Pimentel ´01

​New York, NY

​Mr. Edward T. Schiff ´01

​New York, NY

​Ms. Kathryn T. Van Sickle ´12

​New York, NY

​Ms. Lorraine Saunders White ´84

​Pelham Manor, NY

​Mr. Benjamin J. Willig ´08

​New York, NY

​Mrs. Martha Goodwin Zaentz ´09

​New York, NY

​Mrs. Ellen M. Zarchin ´02

​Larchmont, NY

​Mrs. Rachel F. Zinny '92

Wellesley Hill, MA


For more information on becoming a Long Walk Societies volunteer, please contact Erin Pollard, Long Walk Societies Program Director, at or (860) 297-4229.  


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