October 24, 2008 Induction Ceremony

​L-R: Patrick Curry and Ruthie Torres of Hartford Financial Services Group; Charles R. Perrin ’67, P’99; Sheila Perrin P’99; Lenn C. Kupferberg ’73, P’07; Karen Kupferberg ’73, P’07; President James F. Jones, Jr.; George Kellner ’64; Paul E. Raether ’68, H’14, P’93, ’96, ‘01; Douglas T. Tansill ’61, P’91, ’96; Jose Masso of the Nellie Mae Foundation; Phillip S. Wellman ’86, on behalf of Albert L. E. Gastmann; E. Thayer Bigelow, Jr. ’65, P’99, ’04, ‘10; Ted Rover.