Davis United World College Scholars Program

Wall of Honor inductee, 2015

Trinity joined the Davis United World College Scholars Program in 2006 and has awarded degrees to 21 scholars from 16 countries across the globe. The Davis UWC Scholar Program was first envisioned by Shelby M.C. Davis, son of Kathryn Wasserman Davis and Shelby Cullom Davis, as a way to continue his mother’s commitment to philanthropy and humanitarian work. With Davis’ support, graduates of United World College pre-collegiate academies receive scholarship funds for undergraduate education at select institutions. Trinity College is proud to work with the Davis United World Scholars Program and has been an active partner in promoting Davis’ commitment to advancing international understanding and peace through education. While students are admitted based upon their academic merits, the College and the Davis family fully commit to providing the need-based aid necessary to educate these promising scholars and future leaders. This fall, nine scholars are contributing to the stimulating intellectual and social environment on campus. Their presence plays a large role in the college’s goals of fostering international cooperation and understanding of diversity.

The College’s relationship with the Davis family also extends to the Shelby Cullom Davis endowment, which supports scholarship and programs that emphasize American business, free enterprise and entrepreneurship. Founded by the successful investor and philanthropist Shelby Cullom Davis, husband of Kathryn and father of Shelby M.C. Davis, the fund endows three professorships, a lecture series, an internship program, the publication of a scholarly journal on private enterprise and an interdisciplinary minor in Formal Organizations. Since 1982 the endowment has been shepherded by Gerald A. Gunderson, Shelby Cullom Davis Professor of American Business and Economic Enterprise.