2009-2010 Annual Report of Donors

President James F. Jones, Jr.Letter from the President

It is an honor to present this annual report, which is one small way for us to thank and recognize all of Trinity’s donors who have provided philanthropic support to the College during the 2009-2010 fiscal year.

 As you may know, last year an anonymous donor offered the College an “all-or-nothing” challenge—the largest gift challenge in Trinity’s 187 years. That donor promised to provide an immediate $5 million gift, if we achieved a gift participation rate of 55 percent or higher among our 20,000 living alumni. Successfully meeting this unprecedented challenge and earning this extraordinary gift was an historic moment for Trinity. As a result, our College scored both a transformative contribution for new scholarships and recorded the largest number of alumni donors in our history.  

Total gifts to the College from all alumni, parents, friends, and organizations topped $28 million for the year, with the Trinity College Fund achieving a record $9 million in gifts. Imagine the impact that all of these gifts, combined, have had on the young men and women who pursue their education at Trinity, and the further impact they will have on the world they will help lead.  

Since the middle of 2006, Trinity has been involved in two very important six-year campaigns: the Cornerstone Campaign—with a goal of $300 million in gifts to support scholarships, faculty, academic programs, and critical campus improvements—and the Legacy Campaign, with a goal of $60 million in planned gifts.  As we continue to advance Trinity’s most important objectives during the final 24 months of these fundraising efforts, we know it is due to your loyalty and support that our students and faculty are able to achieve their many successes.   

We are honored to recognize the names of those individuals who provided financial support to Trinity in the past fiscal year.  Whether to the Trinity College Fund, to a capital initiative, or to the endowment, all gifts make a difference.  On behalf of the College and its students, faculty, staff, and Trustees, I humbly thank you for your support. 

Yours very truly,

James F. Jones, Jr.
President and Trinity College 
Professor in the Humanities