2017 Rules are complete. 

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Prof. David Ahlgren, Past Chairman/Advisory Council

Ed Falat, Advisory Council

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2017 Contest Rules

The 2017 Contest Rules are available for download from our DropBox.  Significant changes have been made and we need your input to ensure that no special details were overlooked.  We invite your comments and questions regarding the rules - Email Us.  We will answer all questions in a timely manner and consider all comments carefully.  Please check back often to ensure you have the most recent rules.  The orange date stamp above will let you know the last time updates were made.

11/28/16:  Further clarification has been requested for the arena construction, specifically for Arena 3.  We've posted the diagrams in the DropBox noted above.

2017 Olympiad Exam

The Olympiad Exam will be held on Saturday, April 1, 2017 and is open to all registered individuals and teams. More information about the Olympiad Exam are listed in the rules (download above).  Questions for the Olympiad exam will be based on material from two introductory robotics textbooks, listed below. To prepare your team for the Olympiad exam, be sure to study these books and relate the theory to your robot project.

1. David G. Alciatore and Michael B. Histand, Introduction to Mechatronics and Measurement Systems, McGraw Hill, 2011, ISBN-13: 978-0073380230.  The book may be viewed online here as a PDF.

2. Maja J. Mataric, The Robotics Primer, MIT Press, ISBN: 9780262633543.  The book may be viewed online here as a PDF.

Versa Valve Challenge

Click HERE to download information regarding the Versa Valve Challenge, including the specifics on the EZ valve that is offered (for free) to all registered contact participants.  Teams may request the EZ Valve during the online registration process or via email.  The EZ Valve will be shipped to you.

2017 Registration Fees

Registration for the 2017 contest will be open from December 1, 2016 to March 15, 2017.

A non-refundable registration fee is required for each robot entered into the contest.  The fee must accompany each entry.  If you want to enter two (or more) robots, then you must build two (or more) robots.  The same physical robot cannot be entered twice, even if two (or more) entry fees are paid.  Paypal and credit cards are the only accepted method of payment and is required at the time of registration.

Firefighting Robots

  • Junior Division - $75 (elementary and junior high school level)
  • High School - $85 (high school level)
  • Senior - $85 (college level and beyond)
  • Walking - $85



Nov 28 2016


April 1-2, 2017      Hartford, Connecticut USA

Trinity College International Robot Contest