Women's Center

Trinity College

The Women's Center is a place of advocacy, support, and welcome for all women in the Trinity College community. Through educational, social, and cultural programming, it seeks to promote self-determination and awareness of women's rights and issues; redress gender inequities; and encourage understanding among women of different classes, cultures, ethnic backgrounds, and sexual orientations.

The Center, located in Mather Hall, contains a study/lounge/library area and an office. All are welcome to use the Center for discussion, study, research, informal counseling, and interaction. The living room of the Center can also be reserved for meetings or funcitons.

The director of the Women's Center,Laura R. Lockwood, in conjunction with a coordinating committee, plans, implements, and oversees all Women's Center activities. She also plays an educational role for women's issues at the College, and provides counseling and referrals when needed. In addition, the director serves as the adviser to the Trinity Women's Organization, (TWO),the undergraduate women's group of the College, the Sexual Assault Task Force, a student advocacy group., the Safe Zone Program and the Women's Reading Group. The Center also houses RIBS (Redefining Ideal Beauty Standards), a group designed to educate the campus about eating disorders, and through Collective Voices, sponsors bi-weekly student led discussions on multicultural issues of concern to students.