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Photo Gallery - Carnival

Trinidad Carnival is a centuries old street festival and parade that takes place every year at the beginning of Lent. Like the New Orleans Mardi Gras the festival has French roots but like the Rio carnival, here you will also find strong African influences. Costumes range from the opulent to the "barely there" and reflect local themes, global issues or whatever you can dream.

Carnival Characters - Moko Jumbies

The Moko Jumbie is a traditional character where the masquerader performs on stilts. Today this character is incorporated into a variety of costumes and a number of performing groups around the country attract young people interested in learning the art of walking, dancing and performing high in the air.

Sailor Mas

The Sailor is a traditional carnival character and comes in many forms. The Pretty Sailor is usually highly decorated and very colourful and can depict any number of themes from reality to fantasy.

Blue Devils

All it takes is some blue paint, some ragged clothes and a fearsome aspect and anyone can become one of Trinidad carnival's most hellish traditional characters. And don't be surprised if you're still bullied into "paying de devil" - so walk with a few TT dollars ... just in case.

Pierot Grenade

The traditional clown of carnival.

Pierot Grenade

Sailor Mas

In small Sailor Bands, each reveller often makes his/her own costume, so no two are ever alike, although they may follow the same theme. But Sailor Mas is not merely a portrayal. Properly done, it's an art with a special dance of its own.


This is the early morning start of the Carnival Parade. In the wee hours of Carnival Monday, revellers take to the streets, and while you may see a few costumed bands, all you really need is some mud, oil, paint and lots of energy and you're ready for the road!

Play yuhself!

Yes - Carnival is a big street party, but more than that it's a chance to be more than who you are while showing who you are! Play yuhself!

Play Mas!

Anyone can be part of the masquerade (mas) at Carnival time. Learn the dances, help make your costumes and on Carnival Monday and Tuesday - Play Mas!

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