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2011 CHAS Faculty Grant for Promoting Student Achievement

 Faculty are invited to compete for funds that will allow them to undertake a project to promote high academic achievement among all students with a focus on promoting success and satisfaction among students of color.  Faculty members, teaching in all disciplines, may submit proposals that focus on pedagogy and enhancing the faculty’s role in promoting student success and engagement.  Both individuals and groups may submit.  Projects should be directed at how we teach, or how we engage our colleagues in thinking about how we teach, rather than what we teach.  They may involve pedagogical improvements to courses, creating workshops for faculty on mentoring, or other efforts to enhance the faculty’s role in promoting student success.  Proposals addressing campus life are not appropriate for this grant.  Up to five grants will be awarded.

 The Consortium on High Achievement and Success (CHAS) convened in 2001 to promote high achievement, leadership and personal satisfaction of students, particularly students of color, on member campuses. Consisting of 30 private, select liberal arts colleges and small universities, CHAS shares data and develops programs to support the whole student, academically, socially and culturally. 

Past awards include:

  • Best Practices for Advancing Diverse Students & Faculty
               Seminar series for faculty focusing on teaching, advising, and mentoring in the sciences

  • Students of Color: Exposure in the Classroom
               Allowing Students of color exposure to role models in the field of science (Trinity).

  • Linguistic Underpinnings of Racism and Bigotry
               Exploration of the symbolic and covert meanings and assumptions embedded in our everyday speech and writing (Swarthmore)

  • A Program for Student Research on Race, Ethnicity, and Urban Affairs
               Promoting high academic achievement in research projects among students of
               color, increasing the number of students engaged in researching the fields of
               race, ethnicity and urban affairs
    (College of the Holy Cross)

  • Improvement of the Math/Science Climate for Students of Color
               This project seeks to address the issue of diversity in the sciences through a self-study survey on classroom climate (Hamilton).

  • Critical Moments for Undergraduates in Pre-Medical Courses
    Research on why students abandon pre-med preparation and what works for them
               when they succeed

  • Access to the Economics Major for Women and Students of Color
               Identify through surveys factors which will make the major more accessible to
               underrepresented students (Union)

  • Collaborative Learning: Taking Students through the Different Stages of Scholarly Research Process
               Redesign a current senior economics seminar whereby students learn the form and content of scholarly writing in political economy
               while using techniques and activities expressly designed to take advantage of social aspects of learning and understanding
               (Mount Holyoke)

  • Eliminating Stereotype Threat Through Best Practices
               Development of an online resource of research-based strategies to reduce stereotype threat and
               boost student achievement 

  • Pedagogical Practicum for Fostering Dialogue in the Diverse College
               Facilitating the opportunity for faculty members to hone their pedagogical skills while promoting campus-wide conversation
               about teaching and multiculturalism (Hamilton)

  • Crossing the Divide: Race & Pedagogy in STEM Fields
               Development of a conference designed to promote communication between scientist/mathematicians and humanists,
               and discuss mentoring of students of color in STEM disciplines (Vassar).

  • Emerging Pedagogical Practices and High Achievement in the Multicultural Classroom and Beyond
               Development of a two-day retreat that explores questions of pedagogy, high achievement, and faculty relationships that arise
               when multiculturalism and difference are central to the classroom curriculum (Vassar).

  • The Personal Narratives of Minority Women in Higher Education
               A study of the dynamic between student and professor, including
               documentation of minority student experiences in the form of qualitative     
               assessment and personal narrative  

 Eligibility: All faculty members at CHAS institutions are eligible. Each awardee is expected to be available to present
                     his/her/their findings at a future CHAS event at which expenses will be covered.

 Deadline: The proposal deadline is OCTOBER 28, 2011, and award recipients will be notified in Mid-November. 

 Award: A maximum award of $6500 will be provided, of which up to $3000 may be taken as
                stipends based on the budget submitted with the proposal. 

 Instructions:  Each application, which should be no more than 2-3 pages, should include the following

1.      A brief description of your project and its potential to effect institutional change and to promote student engagement
and achievement. 

2.      A budget, budget justification, and timeline for completion of the project.

3.      A brief summary of your background in promoting student success and engagement in the classroom, and how this project relates to other efforts to promote high achievement among all students on your campus, with special emphasis on students of color. 

4.      Your commitment to share the project outcomes with the larger CHAS community, including a presentation at a meeting to be scheduled by CHAS.

   5.  An endorsement letter from the Chief Academic Officer.

         6.  All materials should be submitted by email to Patti Maisch at   

This RFP has been prepared and applications will be reviewed by a CHAS committee consisting of:
Gretchel Hathaway, Union College
Leslie Hill, Bates College
Fatima Rodriguez-Johnson, SUNY GENESEO

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