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Spring 2010

Trinity Reporter Spring 2010
along the walk
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Max Alderman ’11 and Loretta Cremmins ’11 spent last summer at the Ayisatu (Ayi) Owen International School in Techiman, Ghana, where they worked with teachers and students to implement new sustainable teaching methods. Part of their work was funded by a grant from For One World.

1. For One World is a
nonprofit whose programs in
Ghana help local communities
educate needy children.

2. James Mattison ’99 founded
For One World as a student club
at Trinity in 1997 because he
had seen poor young children
in Techiman, especially girls,
turned away from “full” schools.


3. For One World volunteers carry donated learning tools—everything from tennis balls to books, chalk, and DVDs—to their destinations.


4. Alderman, a neuroscience major, and Cremmins, an American studies major,
lived with 15 “school orphans.” Both are committed to promoting the school’s
education goals through new projects
and by recruiting volunteers at Trinity.

5. The school in Techiman began with a teacher and four students, grew to 27 teachers and 350 students, and is among the top 10 in the region, noted for educating girls.

6. Alderman and Cremmins managed and implemented 25 projects ranging from talent shows to math, English, and science projects.

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