Alchemy Juice Bar    203 New Britain Ave, Hartford                    860-246-5700



Completely unique in Hartford, the Alchemy Juice Bar just off-campus is truly the alternative to any typical food experience.  The entire menu is organic, not to mention delicious!  From organic teas and juices to organic sandwiches and wraps, Alchemy offers the best in health food.  Not only is the food good for the body, but the décor is soul-soothing and the free Shiva Shakti Yoga classes are body-awakening.  Come to Alchemy for more than just natural food—come for some peace of your own.


Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner (M-F 8:30am-8:30pm, Sat 11am-8:30pm, Sun 11am-6:30)

            *100% Organic Smoothies and Juices

            *Breakfast Burrito

            *Avocado Sandwich

            *Hummus & Tabouli Salad

            *Organic Ice Cream


Walking Directions:  From Admissions, walk south on Summit St toward College Terrace.  Continue on Summit St until you come to New Britain Avenue intersection.  Cross the intersection and turn left onto New Britain.  Alchemy Juice Bar will be just down the street across from Crescent St.  Look for trellis fencing.


Directions:                  2 minutes                     0.76 miles

  1. Start out going south on Summit St toward College Terrace. (0.5 miles)
  2. Turn left onto New Britain Ave, Alchemy Juice Bar is on the right.