Picture of Santayana Santayana

Spanish Philosopher/Writer


Originally Jorge Augustín Nicolás Ruiz de Santayana, Santayana was born in Spain in 1863, but was educated in the United States. He resigned from his professorship in the Harvard Philosophy Department in 1912, in order to go to Europe and devote himself to writing for the next forty years until his death in Rome in 1952. Philosopher, poet, and novelist, born in Madrid. He moved to Boston in 1872, and was educated at Harvard, where he became professor of philosophy (1907-12), while retaining his Spanish nationality. His writing career began as a poet with Sonnets and Other Verses (1894), but he later became known as a philosopher and stylist, in such works as The Life of Reason (5 vols, 1905-6), Realms of Being (4 vols, 1927-40), and his novel The Last Puritan (1935). He moved to Europe in 1912, stayed in Oxford during World War 1, then settled in Rome.

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