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Logician and Philosopher


Russell was an English logician who founded analytic philosophy. After a stint of mathematics at Cambridge in the 1890s, Russell turned in earnest to the study of logic. Heavily influenced by Bradley's teachings at Cambridge, Russell developed in response to his teachings a new idea called monadism. His first book was An Essay on the Foundations of Geometry(1897). Some of his other works of his early period include The Principles of Mathematics(1903), A Critical Exposition of the Philosophy of Leibniz(1900). Soon he discovered Peano's symbolic logic, and his career took a new direction. He wrote Principia Mathematica(1910-1913) with Whitehead, in an attempt to prove that the whole of mathematics is derivable from logical principles.

His next popular work was a set of lectures called "The Philosophy of Logical Atomism.(1918)" (Please Forgive the Webmasters, it is 4:37 am, and they are retiring after a hellish week).

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