Elizabeth Palmer Peabody

American Transcendentalist and Educator


Peabody began her interest in philosophy through her mother, though it was William Ellery Channing who, in the 1820s and 30s really nurtured her mind. She and Margaret Fuller were the only female charter members of the Transcendentalist Club founded in 1837.

She was educated by tutors and at her mother's school in Salem, Massachussets. She taught at Bronson Alcott's experimental school, instructing in Latin, but soon devoting all her time to her Platonic-transcendentalist venture.

In 1840 she opened an influential bookstore, the headquarters in Boston for the Transcendental movement. She published Channing's and Hawthorne's(perhaps discovering them, too) works, and an issue of her own periodical, "Aesthetic Papers." She closed the store in 1850, though continued to work on the life and philosophy of Channing, along with being an ardent supporter of kindergartens for children.

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