Picture of KingRevrend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Civil Rights Leader



Martin Luther King was the foremost leader of the American Civil Rights movement of the 1950's, leading sit-ins and bus rides to disobey the racist laws in place in the southern United States. He beileved in a non-violent form of protest called "civil disobedience". Orginally put forth by XX, this type of disobedience consists of nonviolently disobeying laws that one feels do not reprenent a higher law of humanity. The second part is hat a person must also endure the punishment that the law attaches to the 'crime'.

His action is based in the concept of "agape", a love of humankind (i.e. not platonic or erotic). Through the exploration of this feeling comes a set of higher natural laws, ones, when modified by legislation, are compromised.

King was assassinated in Memphis, Tennessee by a white supremactst, James Earl Ray.

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