The philosophers covered in The Window are listed below, alphabetically.
Choosing a name will bring you to that philosopher's page.

Please use this page to find the most up-to-date list of philosophers.

Ambrose Anscombe Anselm
Aquinas Arendt Aristotle
Augustine Barnes Berkeley
de Beauvoir Princess Christina Churchland
Confucius Dennett Descartes
Diotima Engels Epicurus
Foucault Frege Fuller
Hegel Heidegger Heloise
Hobbes Hume Husserl
Kant Khapa Kierkegaard
King, M.L. Leibniz Locke
Marx Mill Neitzsche
Peabody Piscopia Plato
Rand Rousseau Russell
Sartre Scotus Socrates
Spinoza Sung Tzu Wittgenstein

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