The philosophers covered in The Window are listed below, alphabetically.
Choosing a name will bring you to that philosopher's page.

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Ambrose Anscombe Anselm
Aquinas Arendt Aristotle
Augustine Babbage Barnes
Berkeley de Beauvoir Buber
Carnap Princess Christina Churchland
Confucius Dennett Derrida
Descartes Diotima Durkheim
Engels Epicurus Fermat
Foucault Frege Fuller
Hegel Heidegger Heloise
Heraclitus Hobbes Hume
Husserl Hypatia James
Kant Khapa Kierkegaard
King, M.L. Lao-Tzu Leibniz
Locke Lovelace Maritain
Marx Mill von Neumann
Nietzsche Peabody Piscopia
Plato Popper Rand
Rousseau Russell Santayana
Sartre Scotus Socrates
Spinoza Strawson Sung Tzu

If you don't find the philosopher you're looking for, check out the other sites available on the Internet, or do a search for a specific individual. Please contact us if you would like to make a contribution or suggestion.

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