Here's another new addition to the Window-- Try out one or more of the best Natural Language Systems on the WWW. Have a conversation, or ask an expert system a question or two.

  • Pop Goes the Weasel!

  • HEX...
    (Ask it to tell a joke.)

  • HAL...

  • SEPO...

  • The START natural language system (SynTactic Analysis using Reversible Transformations) This is a program that answers questions regarding the AI Lab at the MIT.

  • Barry DeFacto is the brand new chatterbot from Robby Garner and Robitron Software Research

  • Ask the Milk Mystic(Expert System on Milk!)

  • telnet:// 3000

  • telnet://
    Login as 'Julia'

  • The Simon Laven Page for Natural Language Resources. This is the best one-stop hot-spot for natural language chatterbots.

Please contact us if you would like to make a contribution or suggestion.

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