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Question One - You Just Bought HAL

Assuming a computer could "learn" English grammar and hold a perfectly normal conversation with you, what would you consider the machine to be?

It's machine that talks. Nothing more.
It's a machine that has learned, but it is still a program in a machine.
The machine seems to exhibit some human characteristics.
It may be a low form of intelligence.
If it can talk with me, it's intelligent.

Question Two - The Brain of Sand

If you had all of the neurons in your brain replaced with identiical silicon ones that exactly duplicated the function of the original neurons, what is the maximum amount of change you would percieve? That is, how close would your mind be to the way it was before your brain was replaced?

I wouldn't be able to function.
I would barely function -- I would be a machine.
I might get along okay, but I might have touble learning and remembering.
I would be almost the same, maybe a little hazy.
I would be exactly the same.

Question Three - The Brain of Sand II

Would you still be human after the neuron replacement surgery? If not, what point do you stop being human?

I would be a human even with the implants.
I would stop being human after three-quarters were replaced.
I would stop being human after half were replaced.
I would stop being human after one quarter were replaced.
I stopped being human after the first neuron was swapped.

Question Four - Your Power Macintosh 7900000000/1x1038

Sometime in the next thousand years, humans will develop computers that are as intelligent or more intelligent than humans (as measured in human terms).


Question Five - Ghost in the Machine

Do you think that the human consciousness is transferrable to another body or even to a machine? That is, do you think it would ever be possible to download a human mind into a machine, and would the experience of being there ?

The human mind could conceivably be downloaded; that would make us immortal.
Perhaps the problem could be overcome; the experience could be quite interesting.
Possibly, but you would lose the ineffable quality to memory and many of your faculties.
I do not think that technology could capture the soul and consciousness that I percieve.
Downloading a mind? Are you deranged? No way!

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