What is The Window...

The Window is an experimental interface attempting to stretch the limits of HTML and the WWW. Conceived as "the philosophical clearing house on the Internet," it has grown from simple beginnings as a simple list of sites to a comprehensive tool for the discovery of new knowledge.

Why The Window is here...

The Window is a Indepentent Study project brought to you by the Trinity College Philosophy Department. We felt that philosophy needed a site that was informative, extensive, and had some interactive parts that let the user get involved in the issues and theories of philosophy.

Call for developers

Frank is on permanent vacation, and I am like everyone else, busy. If you are interested in providing images, content, submitting sites, or developing philosopher biographies please contact me to get things rolling. Here are some of our plans: the Beats, African thinkers, Eastern philosophies, major women philosophers, religious thinkers(Jesus Christ, Buddah, Mohammed), borderliners(the philosophies of Mannicheanism, the Gnostics, Rosicrucians, Templars, Masons) and anything else that catches your fancy.

Who created The Window

"we" are two Trinity students...
Chris Chris Marvin is a graduate of Trinity College where he majored in Philosophy. Hailing from Wynnewood, Pennsylvania he has moved to the city. New York City, to be precise, where he is the QA manager for Times Company Digital, the New York Times' online publishing arm.
Frank Frank Sikernitsky, aside from being a graduate with a BA Political Science major and a Web Producer, has been driven to near-insanity in the last 3 years and now stands on the brink of generating sigh or relief that will rate force 5 on the Beaufort scale. (This time period neatly coincides with his service as the Editor in Chief of the Trincoll Journal.) He has written several unpublishable books and is considered an Angry Old Man in the making.

Break it down:

Local Links --

Philosophers is a listing of some of the major contributors to modern and ancient thought. Browse the ever-expanding list for biographical information and specialized links to off site info. Check out pictures of your favorite thinkers in our Philosopher's Photo File.

Using the Timeline, it is easy to track the course of philosophical growth throught the centuries.

Interactive is a self-diagnosis of your philosophical thought. Interested in knowing WHO you agree with on the important issues? Answer the easy-to-use questionaire, and marvel as your closest philosophical match is offered up, thanks to the miracles of interactive computing.

Outbound Links --

If it's about philosophy and out there, it is definitely in here.

Sites is a comprehensive compilation of the best of the 'net. We spent weeks compiling, searching, and linking the best philosophy sites on the Internet.

Chat with a robot. Here's a comprehensive list of Natural Language Systems websites. Learn about natural language systems and processing. Use the talkers.

Interested in online Texts, or Journals? Browse our links of the most comprehensive sites, as well as other reference locations to find that lost citation. We have links to over 100,000 etexts now.

Search allows users to do both on-site searches and query the major clearinghouses.

Looking for information on philosophy programs at a certain school? Link to the University Philosophy Departments list.

How The Window was created

The Window was created (c. February 1994) on Macintosh and Power Macintosh computers using Adobe Photoshop 4.1, BBEdit Pro 4.0.1, MacPERL, the Java Developer's Kit(early beta version), and is primarily served from one of Trinity's Sparc 5s at: http://www.trincoll.edu/phil/philo/.

October 1999 -- The Window is mirrored at three locations:

Exposure, exposure, exposure. Updates continue sporadically.

June 1999 -- The Window is off episteme.net. I didn't pay the Internic bill. You may find The Window at http://www.trincoll.edu/phil/philo or http://www.venturetech.com/philo.

July 1998 -- The Window has its own unique domain name: http://www.episteme.net/. It is running on the above BSD/OS 3.1 server and is hosted by Verio/IServer.

June 1998 -- The Window is mirrored at: http://www.venturetech.com/philo/ on a machine running BSD/OS 3.1. I use a Dell Dimension XPS D266 with 128MB of RAM to edit the pages and images. I still use PhotoShop 4.1 for images but now I also use Adobe Illustrator 7.0 for text rendering and NotePad or WordPad to edit HTML.

June 1995 -- For you tech-types and font heads: all pictures are in .gif format, and the animations are .gif animations, so they don't take up server time, and they work with all browsers. The Mac font of the banners is Gill Sans.

Most images were taken from the Oxford English Dictionary. The are used without permission, so republishing them for profit could lead to problems.

Everything else is copyright © Chris Marvin, Frank Sikernitsky, and Trinity College. (1995 thought 2000)

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